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Reviews and Testimonials


Here is what folks are saying about the Soul Shack Studio.  Pay us a visit to see for yourself!

 "...Jeff is so plyable and easy to work with in and out of the studio. He stays on top of what's the best gear to have and keeps his studio up to beat with some of the top (most expensive studios across the country)."
18 YEARS FRONTMAN FOR COOKIE (Dance, variety band based out of Charlotte)

My Daddy-O Radio

The owner is top notch and I know he would only put his very best into anything he puts his hands on...if you need a studio check these guys out. 
Ernie Shepherd, Musician 
"Some of my favorite people!! Awesome place with great hospitality. With top notch service!!"


Josh Black 

I for one have been to Soul Shack Studio on numerous occasions and it is one of the most comfortable studio I have ever recorded in. From the moment you arrive Jeff Gates is there to greet you with a smile. He explains his recording process plainly and simply, leaving nothing to guess work. He is congenial and very easy to work with and goes above and beyond to make sure the artist is happy and gets the best recording possible. Also, his lovely wife is always ready to arrive with snacks if its a long day of recording. They make you feel like part of their family and at ease. Like you are home. I highly recommend Soul Shack Studios to all of my musician friends, the rates are great..very reasonable. And you can not ask to be around better people than Jeff and Amanda Gates. A pleasure to be around, great place to record your music, and I will be returning for all my future studio sessions. I love the people, and the studio.


Gary  Ramsey, Musician

Very affordable not to mention run by one of the best engineers/musicians in the Upstate. Highly regarded in the business and MDORadio approved!


She D'Ambrosio, Owner at Sparkle City Entertainment 

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